HYPRAEL makes progress and plans ahead at Steering Committee Meeting

HYPRAEL makes progress and plans ahead at Steering Committee Meeting. The HYPRAEL project’s Project Steering Committee (PSC) convened in Milan, Italy, on February 21-22nd, 2024. This meeting served two key purposes:

  • Oversee and validate the overall direction and policy of the project.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among partners.

During the meeting, each partner presented their progress in fulfilling their assigned roles within the project. Additionally, the team discussed various challenges encountered so far and strategized solutions for addressing them as the project moves forward.

Beyond the formal meeting, the partners gained a firsthand look at Syensqo’s facilities. This visit provided valuable insights into their expertise and contributions to the project.

The HYPRAEL consortium remains dedicated to achieving its primary goal: drastically reducing the energy consumption associated with hydrogen production. The collaborative efforts and shared knowledge gained at the PSC meeting will undoubtedly propel them closer to this crucial objective.

Some of the participants followed the meeting online.