March 2024

HYPRAEL showcases advanced alkaline electrolysis at EHEC 2024: near-zero energy loss on the horizon

During the presentation of the HYPRAEL project at the Energy Hydrogen Conference (EHEC) 2024, attendees learned more about our advanced alkaline electrolysis technology for the production of pressurised hydrogen with near-zero energy loss potential.

Vanesa Gil Hernández, ARAID researcher at Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (Head of R&D) as well as part of the coordinating team, during the Parallel Session 1: Alkaline Electrolyzers: Materials, Components & Stacks, had the opportunity to explain the objectives of the project and the impact it will have on cost and energy savings.

More than 30 people attended this specific session and had first-hand knowledge about the project partners and the contribution that each of them will give to HYPRAEL.

In addition, Vanesa Gil took a few minutes to mention the European Union and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership as project funders.