October 2023

HYPRAEL overview at Clean Hydrogen JU AEMEL Project Findings

HYPRAEL overview at Clean Hydrogen JU AEMEL Project Findings.

Our colleague Laura Abadía, I+D coordinator, explained the project in the  “2 IN 1 WORKSHOP: Clean Hydrogen JU AEMEL Project Findings & JRC Testing Methodology on Electrolyser Degradation”.

The aim of this workshop was, first of all, to give an overview of the results of the 3 Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysers (AEMEL) projects supported by the Clean Hydrogen JU.

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership has supported a number cutting-edge projects on Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysers (AEMEL) which will be showcasing their targets, achievements and remaining challenges. It was followed by an overview of the JRC developed methodology on low temperature electrolyser degradation phenomena including accelerated testing.

The presentations during the workshop were led by:

Antonino Aricò, director of CNR ITAE, with the ANIONE project.

Luis Colmenares-Rausseo, Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF, with the CHANNEL project.

Aldo Gago, Team Leader Low Temperature Fuel Cell & Electrolysis at DLR, with the NEWELY project.

Besides, the workshop was divided in 3 sessions:

-Session 1: Overview of AEM electrolysis projects (moderated by Nikolaos Lymperopoulos)

-Session 2: Low temperature electrolyser degradation phenomena and test methodology (moderated by Thomas Malkow)

During this session, Laura Abadía explained the process

-Session 3: Roundtable discussion on electrolyser degradation phenomena, and test Methodology including ast protocols (moderated by Thomas Malkow).

The workshop was a hybrid event with the majority of presenters in physical attendance at the Clean Hydrogen JU premises joined by on-line participants.